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New Internet Global Vision:
Europe Drives IPv6 Deployment

IPv6 is a reality: It's not an illusion, it's a need, and during the last 24 months, evolved in parallel with the new generations of mobile systems.

This is the same message that we used to start last year's event, and its success, the delegates, and the sponsors, all endorse it. Whether or not you attended last year's summit, this year we'll bring you new coverage of all the latest IPv6 developments in a single event that you can't afford to miss.

The endorsement from industry and Internet/Telecom related associations also prove the importance of IPv6. The support from the event Sponsors and Endorsers is absolutely necessary for its production, and we wish to thank them for the resources provided; without them the event would not be possible.

Indeed, Europe, the same as Japan, Korea, China and other Asian countries, strongly endorse the IPv6 deployment.

The European Commission asked the Industry representatives across Europe to produce a report and recommendations to support and drive IPv6 transition ( Together with the Spanish Presidency, the Heads of State Meeting of Barcelona (15 and 16th March 2002), simultaneously to this event, will make public those recommendations. To get the maximum impact, we will seek to hold a live video connection between both events.

As part of the agenda of this event, the people responsible for the related work in the Research and Development program for the Information Society Technologies (IST) of the European Commission will explain the important strategy already initiated, with investments of over 150 Million Euros in the 5th Framework Program, and the new strategy with strong support for IPv6 in the next 6th Framework Program.

Two new projects, 6NET and Euro6IX, will be presented. They are just starting in January 2002, are the biggest in this area, and will strongly cooperate in order to support new IPv6 related initiatives in Europe and the rest of the world. We are very proud of Euro6IX, a Spanish initiative that we lead, with participation from all over Europe and the rest of the world.

Also, we will have the opportunity to learn the strategies of other regions in the world, and be able to hear from great professionals and relevant personalities who will bring us several points of view of IPv6. The event will finish with a debate "IPv6 Deployment Strategies", with local and remote speakers from all over the world.

To learn more details about all the speakers, please,visit the agenda pages on this web site, available in PDF (AGENDA).

Don't forget: Extensibility, mobility, quality of service, larger address space, autoconfiguration, end-to-end connectivity, "always-on" devices, security, better addressing, routing and multihoming, anycast and multicast, renumbering; are some of the fundamental aspects of IPv6, but more are coming. IPv6 will bring us a more efficient packet processing, enhancing, in general, universal access to the Internet, brining an end to the "digital divide".

No doubt about it: Europe, and also Spain, has a lot to say about IPv6. You, a respected professional, need to heard it, learn, and prepare your customers and their networks.

See you next March !

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This event is broadcasted, thru ISABEL, MBONE, and Internet, with the cooperation of DIT/UPM and RedIRIS. Click the logos below for more information.

ISABEL           RedIRIS

If you work with IPv4, you need to be ready for IPv6, and this is an unique opportunity to learn from the greatest international experts in IPv6, about the advantages, experiences, developments, protocols and technologies that are turning around the Next Generation of Internet.

This event is oriented to all the professionals that need an introduction to IPv6, and specially in fields like: Internet Service Providers, e-commerce, Telco's, Utilities, Defense, Security, Finance, Public Administration, Education, and in general any kind of Telecomm Professional.

All the talks will be in English.

If you already know IPv4 and require advanced levels of knowledge about the protocol itself, you should attend also to the technical training session, a full day tutorial that we will offer before the conference. It includes a special session about the transition mechanisms, organized with the cooperation of LONG project and other entities. This is the perfect complement to this experts meeting about IPv6.

Will be located next to the conference room, where the most relevant vendors of devices and applications that support IPv6, will demonstrate their products.

We are organizing additional activities, depending on the delegates inquiries, and the available funds from the sponsorship, that will enable you share some extra time with the great international experts of IPv6.

The price will change depending on your registration date. Click here to know more.

To see the agenda, go to the related page on this site, also available in PDF (AGENDA). If you need a printed version, please ask it to

A WLAN will be available, with support of both, IPv4 and IPv6. The coverage will be for the conference room and near areas, including the exhibition room. If required WLAN cards will be provided.

Please, mail to for any additional inquiry about this event.

Available in PDF format, in the agenda page.