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1st Multi-site Remote IPv6 Interoperability event
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  • ETSI organize the IPv6 Plugtests events where engineers get together to test the interoperability of their implementations against each other. The 1st Remote IPv6 Plugtests will 'bring together' companies and laboratories from the entire world.

    For general information about the ETSI Remote IPv6 Interoperability Event, visit the Plugtests site (

    Simultaneously with the Madrid Global IPv6 Summit 2003, the ETSI Plugtests Interoperability Service will hold a "Multi-site Remote IPv6 Interoperability event".

    For the first time in such event, a real IPv6 environment will be available, and a permanent IPv6 link from the pan-European Euro6IX network will be used in order to offer remote testing and the opportunity for companies to participate from a distance in this Multi-site Remote IPv6 Plugtests.

    The aim is to test in site or remotely issues as:

    o IPv6 Core
    o Mobile IPv6
    o Transitions mechanisms (6to4, SIIT /NAT-PT)
    o Routing
    o Multicast
    o IPsec

  • Schedule Plan
    Activity Day Comments
    Preparatory tests April Beginning 4th April
    Day 1 12 May 9-17 h (Summer CET)
    Day 2 13 May 9-17 h (Summer CET)
    Day 3 14 May 9-17 h (Summer CET)
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  • Registration

  • If you are willing to participate in Madrid local site, please fill this information.

    If you will like to participate in the Madrid site, each of the attending engineers should register for the IPv6 Summit event, in order to cover the meal expenses.

    Given Name:
    Family Name:
    What topic test are you interested?
    IPv6 Core 
    Mobile IPv6
    Transitions mechanisms (6to4, SIIT/NAT-PT)
    What do you want to test?
    IPv6 Software
    IPv6 Hardware
    Describe your implementation