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After the success of the three previous editions of the "Madrid Global IPv6 Summit", this new one will show that IPv6 is already being deployed.

In this occasion, the event is jointly organized with Internet Global Congress, in Barcelona, in order to provide a much complete view of the progress of IPv6 in the ICT sectors.

The deployment of IPv6 in Europe and the rest of the world is a fact. That will be introduced by a number of high-level speakers that will present the lessons learned regarding "IPv6 Deployment" experiences in different fields, so you can "do it yourself".

This event is an ideal platform for the exchange of experiences and the promotion of your IPv6 activities.

The main institutions, corporations, and experts related to the IPv6 development and deployment will be present, once more, in order to show new services and applications. You will be able to participate also in demonstrations done by important IST projects.

Security, broadband, P2P, home automation, WiFi, mobility, 3G, ... The present and future of the Internet are being decided here, and you will be witness.

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