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After the success of the two previous editions of the "Madrid Global IPv6 Summit", this new one will show that IPv6 is already operational.

Two years up-front of the deployment of IPv6 in Europe, the situation is already promising. That will be introduced by several IPv6 Cluster projects that will present the lessons learned regarding “IPv6 Deployment” issues in different fields, so you can “do it yourself”.

The sponsors and endorsers present, together with the participating ISPs and Telcos make this event the ideal platform for the exchange of experiences and the promotion of your activities.

The support from the industry and the Internet and Telecom relevant associations also prove that IPv6 is here. The sponsors and endorsers are a key factor for the organization of this event. We take the opportunity to thank them for their support: Without them it would not be possible.

The main institutions, corporations, and experts related to the IPv6 development will be present, once more, in order to show new applications. You will be able to participate in demonstrations done by important IST projects.

Security, broadband, P2P, home automation, WiFi, mobility, 3G, 4G, ... The present and future of the Internet are being decided here, and you will be witness.

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